Circulation (1st Floor)

Circulation Desk

The Circulation Desk is the primary location to check out and return materials.

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Loan Periods


1 academic semester

PhD Students

1 academic semester

University Staff

4 weeks/28 days

Graduate Students

4 weeks/28 days

Undergraduate Students

3 weeks/21 days

Alumni/Retired Faculty-Staff

3 weeks/21 days

Participating High Schools

3 weeks/21 days

Special Summer Program Participants

3 weeks/21 days


Overdue Fines
Overdue fines begin on the day after the book is due 


$ .25   a day, per title, for standard checkout periods.


$50.00   per item

Overdue Fines

Patrons are responsible for all fines which result from overdue returns, damage to items, lost or stolen items, including those items obtained by interlibrary Loan.

In order to check books out, you must have no overdue books or fines. If you have overdue books or an unpaid fine, your library account will be blocked until the fine is paid at the Comptroller's Office.

Overdue books or unpaid fines will prevent SU Students from:

  • Checking-out additional books from John B. Cade Library
  • Accessing the library's databases remotely (off-campus)

Lost/Damaged Books Policy
Lost book charges include:

  • The cost of the book
  • $20.00 replacement fee
  • Accumulated fines on the book

 If a lost book is found and returned to the library, the cost of the book minus the replacement fee is credited to the patron’s account by the Comptroller’s Office.  The accumulated fines are non-refundable.

Any library material may be recalled or have a hold placed on them.  A recall is an official request for a book to be returned early.  A hold is the reserving of an item, upon returning, for the next user.  Library patrons can request a user hold on needed items currently charged out to another patron. When the material becomes available, the patron is notified and given three (3) days to pick up the items(s) at the Circulation Desk; after the 3-day hold, the items(s) will be returned to the shelf.

Faculty and PhD students can renew materials at the end of the spring, summer, and fall semesters.
Reserve materials cannot be renewed.

Library materials must be renewed on or before the due date. Borrowers are extended renewals loan periods up to 4 times.  After the 4th time the items must be returned to circulation.

The following materials cannot be renewed:
Overdue renewed items
Items on hold 
Items held by a borrower whose student ID is blocked
Items that have been renewed up to 4 times

How to renew materials
Material may be renewed from a computer workstation within the library or from a remote location internet access.

To renew books:

  • Click on “My Account”
  • You will see “My Account” 
  • Select “Renew My Materials”

Students, faculty and staff can check-out videos for three (3) days. There is a $3.00 fine for overdue videos.  Damaged and lost videos will be assessed (1) $25.00-replacement processing fee; plus the cost of the item.

Books are often placed “on reserve” by faculty members. This ensures they are available for everyone in the class. These materials may be borrowed only for brief periods.

Reserve Materials Fines
Charges begin the minute following the initial two hour reserve charge period. Overdue fines are $.35 per each minute the item is kept beyond the designated time, until it is returned.  The maximum fine is $5.00 per each item.

Blackboard Electronic Reserve                                                             

What is Electronic Reserves?

Electronic Reserves is a web based application designed to enhance access to reserved materials. Electronic Reserve allows students to view or print selected full text material submitted by faculty to assist in classroom instruction.
Faculty must specifically request that their reserved items be available full text online. Only  items such as quizzes, notes, or articles can be scanned and placed online. Entire books cannot be placed online. (See Fair Use Guidelines for Electronic Reserves)
Electronic Reserve items are in PDF format.  You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view or print items in PDF format.
The library policy for Electronic Reserve is taken from the fair use provisions of United States Copyright Act of 1976. Electronic Reserves is restricted to SU students, faculty, and staff.

Blackboard Reserve Instructions

  1. Log on to your blackboard account
  2. Locate “My Organization”
  3. Click on “John B. Cade Library
  4. Click on Course Catalog (menu to the left)
  5. Select Department 
  6. Click Professor’s Name
  7. Click on Course Number
  8. Click on Document

Interlibrary Loan: Contact Ms. Linda Forsythe
Phone: (225) 771-2855

Interlibrary Loan allows Southern University graduate students, faculty and staff to borrow materials not available in the John B. Cade Library from other libraries in the United States.  Users should plan ahead as some items are more difficult to obtain.  Borrowers are responsible for paying the replacement cost of lost or damaged materials and for the payment of overdue fines.  Current faculty, staff, and students may choose to be notified by telephone or email when materials arrive.  Those residing outside of the local calling area may choose to be notified by email when materials arrive. Lending libraries establish book and media loan periods.  Those who wish to retain an item beyond the initial due date should notify interlibrary loan of this request at least three days prior to the due date.  Articles become the property of the borrower.  Upon request, articles can be delivered electronically by interlibrary loan personnel to faculty and staff members.

How long can I keep loans?
The lending library determines the loan period, which may range from two to four weeks. Material may not be borrowed for class reserve, exhibit, or other long-tern use.  It is important to return material on the due date, since overdue material may jeopardize our ability to borrow.

How long does it take?

Allow at least two weeks from the date of the request.  Remember to plan ahead when requesting materials.

What can I borrow?
Books, book chapters, dissertations, journal articles, and some microform can usually be borrowed through Interlibrary Loan.  However, many libraries will not lend books that are less than six months old.

Interlibrary Loan Request/Instructions

What is LALINC?
LALINC is the Louisiana Academic Library Information Network Consortium. LALINC is a service for graduate students, faculty and staff of Louisiana colleges and universities allowing them to borrow materials not available in the John B. Cade Library from most academic libraries in Louisiana.

Reciprocal Borrowing (LALINC Cards)

  • Reciprocal borrowing is an alternative to interlibrary loan.
  • John B. Cade Library is a member of the Louisiana Academic Library Information Network Consortium [LALINC].
  • The Reciprocal Borrowing Chart includes most academic libraries in Louisiana.
  • This agreement allows faculty (and in some cases students) to borrow books directly from the other libraries

Once the card is issued, the borrower will have borrowing privileges at most Louisiana academic libraries.  However, policies differ from library to library, and the lending library has the option to honor the LALINC card based upon the status (graduate, faculty or staff) of the cardholder.
Possession of a LALINC card does not guarantee borrowing privileges from all Louisiana academic libraries.

LALINC Policies click here

 To take advantage of this agreement:

  1. Obtain a copy of the LALINC Request Letter from circulation
  2. Have your department chair complete LALINC Request Letter
  3. Return the completed LALINC Request Letter to circulation
  4. Contact the Circulation Desk (225)771-2869 to arrange for a LALINC card.
  5. Pick up your LALINC card at the John B. Cade Library Circulation Desk.

At the library you wish to borrow from:

  1. Present your LALINC card and your Southern University ID card. .
  2. You must follow the policies of the lending library.
    • The rules for graduate students apply to LALINC borrowers.
    • The loan period is relatively brief.
    • Fines are assessed for overdue books.
  3. You are personally responsible for returning the books to the lending library.
  4. You are personally responsible for overdue fines and for the replacement cost assessed by the library if the book is damaged or not returned.
  5. LALINC cards are valid for one year after date of issue.

The LALINC Card/Reciprocity Borrowing Agreement is a privilege that can be withdrawn from  patrons and libraries. The intent of the agreement is to facilitate patrons borrowing from institutional libraries if policies are not followed.

Linda Forsythe - Team Leader

Rosalie Martin
Geraldine Metevia

Lost and Found is located at the Circulation Desk on the first floor.  Patrons who find a lost personal item are asked to give it to a Library staff member or to turn it in at the Circulation Desk.
7:30 AM - 10:00 PM
7:30 AM - 5:00 PM


1:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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Holiday, Summer, and intercession hours will be posted in the library at the appropriate time.