• Wireless Access
  • Computer Access

Use your laptop to connect to the internet anywhere in the Library!

To use the wireless network:

  • You must be a Southern University student, faculty or staff member.
  • You must log into the network. Your login account is the same as your blackboard account and your campus email.
  • Your laptop must have a wireless network card.

For more information, pick up an information sheet at any service desk in the Library!

John B. Cade Library Systems & Technology Office—771-4934
Technology & Network Services—771-3935

Where can I access a computer in the Library

There are serveral areas in the library where patrons can access computers. The following is a list of areas where computers are accessable to partons:

1st floor

Number of computers

Lobby Area (Online Catalog Only)


Reference Department (Internet Access - Research only)


2nd Floor

Number of computers

Learing Resource Center (Internet Access, Wordprocessing, etc)


Information Technology Center (Internet Access, Wordprocessing, etc)


3rd Floor

Number of computers

Periodical and Governdocuments (Internet Access)
Camille Shade (Internet Access - Research only)