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Reporting Options


Where Can You File a Report or Official Complaint?

Southern University's primary concern is with the health, safety, and well-being of the campus community.  Complainants or reporters are encouraged to speak to any Responsible Employee to make reports of incidents of sexual misconduct. Notice to them is official notice to the University.  These individuals will inform the Title IX Coordinator of the incident. Complainants and Reporters have the right and can expect to have incidents of sexual misconduct taken seriously by the University when reported, and to have those incidents investigated and properly resolved through appropriate administrative procedures. Only people who need to know will be told and information will be shared only as necessary with investigators, SART members, hearing board members, administrators, witnesses and the respondent.  In addition to Responsible Employees, individuals that seek to report incidents of sexual misconduct may also note the following:

Direct assistance in reporting incidents of sexual misconduct by students, faculty, staff, and third parties can be obtained by contacting the Office of Equity, Inclusion, and Title IX. 

Sexual misconduct, particularly sexual violence, may be a crime. Southern University will assist complainants who wish to report sexual misconduct to the Southern University Police Department. Representatives of the Office of the Dean of Students and the Office of Human Resources are available to assist students in reporting to SUPD. SUPD will also assist complainants in notifying other law enforcement authorities in other jurisdictions, as appropriate.

Southern University Police Department
(24 hours)
Phone:  (225) 771 -2770(225) 771 -2770

Incidents of sexual misconduct may also be reported confidentially to the following Campus Confidential Offices:


Director, Student Health Center
Elton C. Harrison Dr.
(near campus residence halls)
P.O. Box 10174
Baton Rouge, LA  70813
Phone:  (225) 771 - 4770(225) 771 - 4770
Fax:  (225) 771 - 6225
  Director, University Counseling Center
Elton C. Harris Dr.
(near campus residence halls)
P.O. Box 12874
Baton Rouge, LA  70813
Phone:  (225) 771 - 2480(225) 771 - 2480
Fax:  (225) 771 - 3560
Director, Office of Disability Services
234 Blanks Hall
P.O. Box 11298
Baton Rouge, LA  70813
Phone:  (225) 771 - 3546(225) 771 - 3546
Fax:  (225) 771 - 3949

Campus Confidential designees are not obligated to report incidents of sexual misconduct to the Title IX Coordinator or law enforcement in a way that identifies a Complainant or Respondent, unless otherwise required to do so by law. Each office shall, to the extent authorized under law, provide confidential services to students.


Non-Retaliation Policy:  Southern University and A&M College has a strict non-retaliation policy. Retaliation against any person who alleges a violation of the Gender-Based Sexual Misconduct Policy or who reports or assists SUBR in the investigation of a complaint under this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination or expulsion by SUBR. Retaliation perpetrated by or against any person who is the Complainant/victim of sexual misconduct is prohibited as well. There will be no retaliation against those who report or assist the SUBR campus in the investigation of a complaint. Retaliation against the Complainant/victim or witnesses may warrant a separate University judicial process hearing.