Patron Regulations
While we welcome all users to the library we ask your assistance in helping us provide exceptional services by not engaging in the following activites:

  1. Loud or boisterous behavior.
  2. Conversation that is disturbing to other individuals or employees.
  3. Profanity or other abusive language toward other Library patrons or employees.
  4. Abusing Library furniture, equipment, or materials.
  5. Running in the Library.
  6. Harassing others, either verbally or through actions. Harassment may include but is not limited to initiating unwanted conversations; impeding access to the building; or other actions another individual reasonably perceives to be hostile, threatening or offensive.
  7. Fighting in the Library.
  8. Using tobacco in any form while in Library.
  9. Possession, sale, or use of alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, or weapons in the Library.
  10. Eating or drinking in the Library building except when using the student lounge.
  11. Using radios, tape players, or other personal listening equipment at a level that can be heard by other individuals.
  12. Skateboarding in the Library.
  13. Bringing animals other than guide dogs and the like into the Library.
  14. Not wearing a shirt or shoes.
  15. Using the emergency exits at times other than during an emergency.
  16. No video taping is permitted in the library without permission from the Office of the Dean of Libraries.

The Library reserves the right to inspect all bags, purses, briefcases, packs, personal listening equipment and overcoats for library materials.

Unattended Children
Parents/guardians should not leave a child or children unattended at the Library.

Borrowing Policy
Interlibrary Loan Policy
Fines and Fees
Research Carrels/Group Study Rooms Rules of Conduct

Intellectual Freedom Statements and Policies
Questions about this policy or about actions the Library has taken may be addressed to Emma Bradford Perry, Dean of Libraries (