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Class Attendance

Students are required to attend classes regularly and punctually, as a minimum academic obligation. Failure to observe this policy may seriously jeopardize a student's academic standing. Tardiness and excused absences should be brought to the attention of the instructor(s) by the student. The following class attendance policies apply:

  • A student required to be absent from class because of illness or other unavoidable circumstances should promptly report the reasons to the instructor and, if required, present excuses. The instructor should make clear to the student that excuses explain absences, but do not remove them.
  • Students are required to adhere to attendance policies established by their colleges and stated by the instructors on course syllabi.
  • Excuses for participation in University-sponsored activities will be initiated by the sponsoring unit and approved by the college dean and the Office of Academic Affairs.
  • Students who wish to be absent from classes for reasons not covered by these regulations must apply to their department head for a leave of absence. All excuses or explanations must be submitted in writing to the student's department head within three school days after the student returns to classes.
Adding Courses for Credit

Courses may be added for credit through the last day of late registration. Approval from the student's advisor is required. The student will be held responsible for all courses appearing on schedules. The student should check mid-term grade reports and drop or request the registrar to clear from the record, by the deadline, courses or grades that appear in error.

Section Changes

A student may change the section of a course being offered in a semester or summer session in the same manner and time frame as that provided for adding courses. A justifiable reason for change of course section must be given at the time of request.

Dropping Courses

Courses dropped prior to the 14th class day will not appear on the student's record. For courses dropped after the 14th class day and within the time limit specified in the University Academic Calendar, the student will receive the grade of "W."



Business Contact Information

The Office of the Registrar is located on the 1st Floor of T.H. Harris Hall, P.O. Box 9454, Southern University and A&M College, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70813. Phone: (225) 771-5050; Fax: (225) 771-5064