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Student Conduct

Administrative regulations governing the conduct of students enrolled at Southern University are contained in the Code of Student Conduct. Included in this publication are rules and regulations governing student rights and responsibilities, a description of the University Judicial System, disciplinary sanctions, penalties, violations, and types of offenses.

A copy of the Code of Student Conduct may be obtained from the Office for Student Affairs.

Academic Grievances

If a student has a grievance that cannot be settled in the ordinary course of immediate post-class discussion, the following procedures are suggested:

  • A special conference between the faculty member and the student should be arranged.
  • Discussion before the faculty member’s department head.
  • Grievance presented in writing to the faculty member’s dean.
  • Discussion before the faculty member’s dean.
  • As a final option, the matter should be brought to the Office of Academic Affairs in writing.
Academic Dishonesty

The University defines academic dishonesty in two categories—premeditated and unpremeditated fraudulent behavior. Premeditated fraud is defined as conscious, pre-planned, deliberate cheating with materials prepared in advance. It may consist of:

  • collaborating during an examination without authority;
  • stealing, buying, or otherwise obtaining all or part of an examination;
  • using specially prepared materials;
  • selling or giving away all or part of an examination or examination information;
  • bribing another person to obtain an examination or information;
  • substituting for another student, or permitting another person to substitute for oneself to take an examination;
  • submitting as one’s own any work prepared totally or in part by another;
  • selling, giving, or otherwise supplying materials to another student for use in fulfilling academic requirements (e.g., term paper, course project, etc.);
  • breaking and/or entering a building or office for the purpose of obtaining examinations (administered or unadministered);
  • changing, or being an accessory to the changing, of grades in a grade book, on an examination paper, on other work for which a grade is given, on a “drop slip” or other official academic records of the University which involve grades;
  • proposing and/or entering into an arrangement with an instructor to receive a reduced grade in a course, on an examination or any other assigned work in lieu of being charged with academic dishonesty under the Code of Student Conduct;
  • committing plagiarism—failing to identify sources, published or unpublished, copyrighted or uncopyrighted, from which information was taken;
  • acquiring answers for any assigned work or examination from an unauthorized source;
  • falsifying references;
  • listing sources in a bibliography not used in the academic assignment;
  • inventing data or source information for research or other academic endeavors;
  • forging the signature of a faculty member or any academic officer on an academic document;
  • altering or being an accessory to altering contents of an academic document (i.e. registration, preregistration forms, add/drop forms, transcripts, fee exemption forms, etc.);

Unpremeditated fraud is defined as cheating without the benefit of materials prepared in advance. It may consist of:

  • copying from another student’s examination paper,
  • allowing another student to copy from an examination paper, or
  • using textbook(s) or materials brought to class but not authorized for use during an examination.

Sanctions and the appeals process may be found in the Code of Student Conduct.


Business Contact Information

The Office of the Registrar is located on the 1st Floor of T.H. Harris Hall, P.O. Box 9454, Southern University and A&M College, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70813.
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