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OIE serves as a repository of historical institutional data and provides data analytics that is used to support and inform planning, resource allocation, implementation, assessment, continuous improvement, accreditation (both regional and programmatic), policy formulation, compliance with state and federal reporting requirements, as well as strategic and operational decision-making at both the macro (institutional) and micro (unit) levels.

OIE has developed an Institutional Effectiveness (IE) Model comprised of five (5) phases - Planning, Implementation, Assessment, Improvement, and Resource Allocation/Budgeting. The execution of the IE Model at the macro (institutional) and micro (unit) levels clearly demonstrates that the University is advancing a systematic, ongoing, comprehensive, integrated, and research-based planning and assessment culture that fosters continuous improvement and is focused on accomplishing the mission of Southern University and A&M College (SUBR).

OIE manages the University’s institutional effectiveness and strategic planning processes. OIE was charged by the President-Chancellor, Dr. Ray L. Belton with the development of the strategic plan for Southern University and A&M College, titled, Imagine 20K: 2018-2030. Additionally, OIE was also charged by the President-Chancellor with the development of the Southern University System’s Strategic Plan titled, Fulfilling the Promise: Pathways to Excellence: 2018-2025. Annual Accountability Scorecards have been developed and implemented to track the annual progress of the University and System in achieving their stated goals and objectives contained in their respective strategic plans, thereby demonstrating that Southern University and A&M College and the Southern University System are both accomplishing their respective missions.

It should be noted that the strategic plan for Southern University and A&M College is aligned to the strategic plan for the Southern University System. Both plans are aligned to the Louisiana Board of Regents Higher Education Master Plan for the State of Louisiana, titled, Louisiana’s Talent Imperative and to the Outcomes-Based Funding Formula for the State of Louisiana.