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Graduate Degree Program


The Department of Mathematics, Physics and SMED offers a program of study leading to the Master of Science degree (M.S.) in Mathematics and Physics with a concentration in Mathematics. Application for admission may be obtained from the university's Graduate School. Also, a student completing the degree requirements for a Master of Science in Mathematics and Physics with a concentration in Mathematics may elect to further their study to obtain a Ph.D. degree in Science/Mathematics Education (SMED) here at the university or a doctoral program elsewhere. 

For details, contact Dr. Katrina Cunningham, Math Program Leader, at 225-771-3668 or via email  or contact Dr. Humberto Munoz, Mathematics Graduate Committee Chair at 225-771-2221 or via email


For a Master of Science degree in Mathematics and Physics with a concentration in Mathematics, the thesis option students should complete a minimum of 33 semester credits (27 course credits; 6 thesis credits) and non-thesis option students should complete a minimum of 33 credits (27 course credits; 6 credits for Capstone project/report). The course credits include a required core of 18 semester credits, whether thesis or non-thesis option, 6 semester credits for the research component (Thesis or Capstone project/report), and 9  semester credits of approved electives, all of which are listed below.

The required 24 semester hours for masters in mathematics and physics with a concentraion in mathematics: 

                              MATH 500 - Foundations of Mathematics and Physics (3 hrs.)

                           MATH 533 - Computational Linear Algebra I (3 hrs.)               

MATH 530

Abstract Algebra I

  3 hrs.

MATH 531

Abstract Algebra II

   3 hrs.

MATH 565

Real Analysis I

   3 hrs.

MATH 566

Real Analysis II

   3 hrs.

MATH 599


MATH 600

MATH 599  Capstone project*    


Thesis-master's research


 0 - 6 hrs.

MATH 601



Students who need to take MATH 435 and/or MATH 462 MUST have Associate Chair's approval for these '0' credit courses under the master's program.

*Note: Non-thesis option

The approved electives for masters in mathematics and physics with a concentration in mathematics follow.  Select nine (9) semester hours:

MATH 432

Elementary Number Theory

MATH 492


MATH 501

History of Mathematics

MATH 534

Computational Linear Algebra II

MATH 551

Higher Geometry

MATH 571

Numerical Analysis I

MATH 572

Numerical Analysis II

MATH 577

Operational Mathematics I

MATH 578

Operational Mathematics II

MATH 579

Discrete Mathematics

MATH 586

Computers, Statistics & Probability I

MATH 595

Topics in Applied Mathematics

MATH 598

Supervised Research


Science Elective (w/Chair's prior approval)


Science Elective (w/Chair's prior approval)

Note: All electives must be approved by the Associate Chair or Mathematics Graduate Advisor

Qualities that characterize our program:

  • Challenging and nurturing educational environment
  • Solid foundation for the university's doctoral program in Science/Mathematics Education (SMED)
  • Low faculty/student ratio to aid in providing proper instructions and services
  • Diverse faculty and student populations